• Genre: This project consists of recorded and/or live performance of indie musicians and performers in the arts.
  • Logline: For this project we are filming upcoming artists in intimate settings, offering them and their audience access to technology that is often thought of as out of reach. Our goal is to get more people interested in virtual reality by providing high quality content that will draw a wider “not standard”, virtual reality audience.
  • Target Audience: We are targeting people not typically interested in virtual reality, or at least not the typical VR gamer. Our hope is that by targeting a wider audience we will help to draw more people into VR
  • Synopsis:

The project will take place in Chicago, IL. We are working with outer/most agency in Chicago to book performers and a shooting location. We currently have a couple of performers in mind and are working out budget and details. Our location of the first performances has not been set, other than Chicago, but we do have a short list of places with whom we have communicated regarding the performances. Our first option is to create a studio session series, in addition we have the following short lists of shooting locations. The first list consists of budget friendly options and is below:

Epiphany Arts Center - Main Hall

Guild Row Courtyard (event space)

Genoa, IL (countryside location)

Bradley Center Rooftop

The second list would require a little more in budget and is below:

Tiffany Dome @ Chicago Cultural Center

Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple

4th Presbyterian Church Chicago

The series will consist of 2-5 videos, each with a unique performer and location. We will try to pair the performer with a location that best allows them to create an emotional connection with their audience. Our view is if we can create the correct environment and the quality of the content is good, the audience will be drawn into the experience. Presented appropriately we believe this will help to drive a new audience into VR and help to create a broader user base. As our content develops our next goal will be to begin live streaming these performances.

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